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If you haven't heard of us yet, reading this will break that rather thin ice...

First off, let me start by saying that when I write about travel, I tend to let myself get carried away and possibly digress a little more than I should so please bear with me. The main purpose of this blog is to keep us (who will be introduced shortly) on track and also give you all an insight into our lives. So here we go then!

Bar Hopping in Chicago.
(Left to Right: Sesh, Sandeep, Sharad)

Named Sesh, Sandeep and Sharad, we are three friends who grew up together in the city of Chennai, India. We've known each other for too long now I must admit. Since we graduated from school and university, we work different jobs in different countries now, but it's a small world with everyone being just a few emails or IMs away we've managed to stay in touch quite a bit.

Sharad studied economics in the UK and then worked for a large bank there for a few years. After the recession hit, he moved back to India and has been making quite a few ripples in the microfinance industry since then. There are three things that define Sharad - Wikipedia, Youtube and Chicken Biriyani. Intelligent as he is, I can safely say he's the most financially inclined of the group given his ability to balance excel sheets while polishing off the last few morsels of his chicken biriyani all at the same time. Apart from that, the man is a walking wiki-monster - he remembers every wikipedia fact he has read in the last few years and can reproduce them in his sleep (although the validity of these facts is yet to be determined). His prior travelling experience includes most of Europe, South India, Sri Lanka and the US.

Sesh on the other hand was born in the US (legally of course!) and came back to India to get his schooling done. At six feet and two inches - he's the tallest guy of the group and also the youngest. He can be quite a handful when he doesn't have his morning cup of coffee but most times he's a gentle giant with quite a sense of humour. He is the most generous when it comes to giving advice and helping you find your feet in times of need. He is a huge sports fan and has a good depth of knowledge on topics that range from medicine to movies. After a long stint with the healthcare industry in the US, he plans to get his Masters degree in the near future. His prior travelling experience includes a few countries in Europe, South India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the US.

I guess that leaves me, Sandeep...I am not very good at talking about myself but I'm sure that with time, my friends here will fill in those blanks quite happily. A few things off the bat - standing tall at 5 ft 7 inches, I'm the shortest of the group and also the handsomest (that's what she said!). I work for an oil & gas company in the US and have been here for nearly a decade now. I like to travel cheap...period. What can I say, it gives me thrills and lots of times, I find that the best things in life are things that don't come attached with a rather large price tag. My prior travelling experience includes a bit of Europe, South India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, North America.

If you're still reading, you're probably wondering why we decided to start this blog. Well, like everyone else on this site, we are quite excited about travelling and seeing the world. Being in your 20's with no wife, kids or other responsibilities can be a blessing in many ways and we decided to embrace the opportunity to take a break from life to do something different. Our time frame is set for next year between March-June. While we don't have too many details yet, we've already started chalking out a quick road map to figure out what places we want to visit. We plan to visit three continents in three months. We will be sticking to the Southern Hemisphere for now unless plans change in the last minute. The basic idea is to keep things open ended and try to learn as we go along. None of us have planned for something so big before and we are all uber excited! If we can pull this off, we believe that it will be a turning point in our lives and will make us better off in many ways. I don't want to make you go brain dead with too many details so I will save that for my next post.

A few other things to note - Sesh and I are planning on making a trip to South Africa in June to go see the FIFA World Cup! We got tickets through a lottery system last year and will be following the Netherlands (Go Oranje!) for two weeks as they bludgeon through their opponents in the group stages. Planning for that will have to be done asap and we will keep you posted about that as well in our blog.

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Deep -- Very nice opening to the blog!...great job!!..thanks for starting the blog dude (u well knw neither me nor shd wud have started it)... cant wait for the trip!!...this shud be an awesome adventure...

by sesh

sandy... dude.. this is awesome man.. :)

by sujay

sounds a lot like this bollywood movie i saw recently: 3 idiots!!! :)

by sujay

Very nice. Gives out a very good feeling. Am sure you will have tremendous stories and things to tell the grandchildren once they come along. Accumulate life!

by Shivendra

Thanks for your comments guys! Great to see some positive reviews. Hope to be able to keep the momentum going in the future as well.
Sujay - Glad you like it buddy!
Shivendra - "Accumulate life!"...Great choice of words those, I like that!

by 2011

Good start Deepu although you have missed out key details from my travelling "experience"..gelf...

by Sharad

Good luck guys...this could definitely changes lives ... the asian leg looks tempting.. best wishes for planning

by J Menon

I am jealous of you guys and i bet honal would be tooo. good luck !! :)

by komal

Thanks Komal, who knows, Honal might get back up and running and even join us on this trip! Here's hoping for the best.

by 2011

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